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How Does the Trapzilla Work?

The Trapzilla works in a simple yet effective way ensuring that you can maintain a clean and healthy working environment inside all establishment kitchens and food preparation environments.

Firstly, greasy drain water from the kitchen enters through the vertical inlet baffle. The effluent rises upward through the horizontal baffle and is trapped in the grease storage area. Next, grease rises to the top of the inner storage tank through access holes in the horizontal baffle.

Solids then fall to the bottom of the tank and the remaining “clean” water exits through the outlet.

The remaining trapped grease remains separated from the flow of water by the horizontal baffle, which successfully maintains a flat separation curve to optimise grease separation throughout the unit capacity.

As with every grease trap the Trapzilla requires regular cleaning to ensure that it does not pass grease into the sewer system where it can cause blockages and sewage backups. The Grease Interceptor has an easy to remove cover that offers quick access to the unit for pumping.

The Trapzilla can also have a grease layer thickness device fitted.

Video of how the Trapzilla Grease Interceptor works

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inside a trapzilla product showing how it works

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