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Why Choose the Trapzilla?

The Trapzilla is different from other Grease Separators because of its compact design. Its’ small footprint enables it to be installed into most facilities as well as offering a large capacity. This can be demonstrated by the TZ-600 model, which can store 272kg+ (600lbs+) of grease whilst enabling a 9.46 l/s (150 GPM) kitchen flow. In order for older grease traps to retain this depth volume they inevitably have much larger footprints.  

With regards to construction, the main tank including the inlet and outlet are constructed of a single piece of rotationally moulded polyethylene. The piping for the inlet and outlet is secured using a patented interior radial compression ring. This provides better durability compared to other interceptors that use PVC piping attached via glue or clip to a storage tank. This increases the risk of failure at these points during routine servicing. Additionally, the units are lightweight which means they can be installed and plumbed in with minimal labour. Please enquire with us at Aqua Mundus for consultation in costs and services.

As previously mentioned, the Trapzilla offers patented flat separation curve technology. The interior horizontal baffle keeps the movement of water below the trapped grease. As a result, separation efficiency remains consistently above 99%, even as it fills with trapped grease. Retained grease remains positioned in the upper chamber and is protected from the hydrolysis that can cause disruption in traditional traps. Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where water breaks down the bonds between substances, in this case the FOG situated in the grease trap. If this happens it can reduce the efficiency of the grease trap and result in dirty effluent leaving the unit. However, the Trapzilla ensures that hydrolysis cannot occur and thus does not affect the efficiency.

Finally, the Trapzilla’s design reduces the amount of wasted space. In most flat-bottomed, square interceptors, grease often gets trapped in the bottom corners and builds up. This reduces the amount of grease they can collect between “pumpings” as well as their efficiency. Luckily Trapzilla’s sloped bottom prevents that build up and therefore ensures the interceptor’s performance remains consistently high and effective; enabling it to hold a higher percentage of its volume in grease. The TZ-1826 for example, is designed to hold 91% of its volume in grease compared to the traditional interceptor’s 25%.

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Trapzilla TZ-1826 - the ultimate testing.

Inside a trapzilla unit showing how it works



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