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Grease Interceptors

Trapzilla Grease Interceptors (TZ)

Basic Trapzilla models

TZ-160, TZ-400,TZ-525TZ-600TZ-1826

Trapzilla provide a basic model that can be used indoor/outdoor and above/below ground. The basic Trapzilla models are the TZ-160, TZ-400, TZ-600 and TZ-1826, but if you have additional requirements for your grease trap you may need features such as an extension collar adaptor (ECA) for in-ground models or a support stand (SSA) for above-ground units. The basic Trapzilla model has a standard adapter ring with a 22” (inch) diameter solid top cover.

The TZ-160 is only available with a 3” inlet/outlet, however the TZ-400, TZ-600 and TZ-1826 have 4” inlets/outlets although these can be ordered with a 6” depending on pipe requirements.   

Grease interceptors are sized based on the maximum flow rate that the unit might expect from the fixtures to which it is connected. Aqua Mundus can undertake a site visit to ensure that you purchase the correct product for your premises. Although Trapzillas are more compact than the tradition interceptor, they are specifically designed to retain more grease per volume than any other product on the market today.  

Trapzilla TZ range basic modelsTrapzilla TZ-1826 basic model

In-Ground Trapzilla (TZ) models with Extension Collar Adapter (ECA)

TZ-160-ECATZ-400-ECATZ-525-ECA, TZ-600TZ-1826-ECA (Extension Collar Adapter) 

These units are versatile and can be installed inside or outdoors. They can be equipped with an extension collar adapter ring, extension collar and solid top collar to ensure an adequate fit. There are four different types, ranging from the TZ-160 that can retain a minimum of 72kg of grease and manage 4.73 l/s of kitchen effluent, right up to the TZ-1826 that is able to manage over 828kg of grease and a flow of over 6.3 l/s. This range all have an outlet of 4”, but there is a 6” outlet available for the TZ-600-ECA and the TZ-1826-ECA.  

Trapzilla with extension collarTrapzilla TZ-1826 with extension collars (ECA)Trapzilla installation floor standing

Above-ground Trapzilla (TZ) models with Support Stand Assembly (SSA)

TZ-160-SSA, TZ-400-SSA, TZ-525-SSA, TZ-600-SSA, TZ-1826-SSA (Support Stand Assembly) 

Above-ground models are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are accompanied by a support stand assembly so they can easily be installed safely and correctly on the floor. They come with a standard adapter ring and a 22” (inch) diameter solid top cover. Models range from the TZ-160 that manages over 72kg of grease and a flow of 2.21 l/s to the TZ-600 that can store a minimum of 272kg of grease and a flow of 9.46 l/s. Similarly to the In-Ground model, the Above-Ground also all have a standard outlet of 4” apart from the TZ-600-SSA and the TZ-1826-SSA, which also have the option of a 6” outlet. 

Trapzilla’s grease interceptors are capable of effectively removing FOG (fats, oils and grease) from kitchen effluent, but can be quickly reduced in productivity when consistently faced with larger quantities of solids. If large quantities of food solids go down kitchen drains on a regular basis, they can fill up the grease separator prematurely and interfere with its regular operation, therefore reducing its efficiency. Moreover, this means there will be more requirements for the grease trap to be pumped out and therefore a higher accumulation of costs. If allowed to continue, it could also run the risk of blocking the internal pipes, resulting in unnecessary repairs. In these circumstances, where there is a large volume of incidental food solids passing from the kitchen waste into the grease interceptor, there are some alternative options to ensure that the interceptor runs as efficiently as possible and the day to day running of the kitchen is not affected.  

Above Ground Trapzilla (TZ) model with Support Stand Assembly Trapzilla TZ-1826-SSA with support standTrapzilla floor standing installation

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