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Specification Sheets

Please find below the complete list of technical specification sheets for the range of Trapzilla models along with spare parts & accessories

Trapzilla Grease Interceptor Specifications Sheets

Model Flow Rate Specifications Sheet CAD Drawing
TZ-160 2.21 l/s TZ-160  
TZ-160-ECA 2.21 l/s TZ-160-ECA  
TZ-160-SSA 2.21 l/s TZ-160-SSA  
TZ-400 4.73 l/s TZ-400  
TZ-400-ECA 4.73 l/s TZ-400-ECA  
TZ-400-SSA 4.73 l/s TZ-400-SSA  
TZ-525   TZ-525  
TZ-525-ECA   TZ-525-ECA  
TZ-535-SSA   TZ-535-SSA  
TZ-600 4.73 l/s TZ-600  
TZ-600-ECA 4.73 l/s TZ-600-ECA  
TZ-600-SSA 4.73 l/s TZ-600-SSA  
TZ-1826-ECA 6.31 l/s TZ-1826-ECA  
TZ-1826-SSA 6.31 l/s TZ-1826-SSA  

Trapzilla Solids Separators Specification Sheets

Model Flow Rate Specification Sheets CAD Drawing
TSS-27 2.21 l/s TSS-27  
TSS-27-ECA 2.21 l/s TSS-27-ECA  
TSS-27-SSA 2.21 l/s TSS-27-SSA  
TSS-70 4.73 l/s TSS-70  
TSS-70-ECA 4.73 l/s TSS-70-ECA  
TSS-70-SSA 4.73 l/s TSS-70-SSA  
TSS-95 9.46 l/s TSS-95  
TSS-95-ECA 9.46 l/s TSS-95-ECA  
TSS-95-SSA 9.46 l/s TSS-95-SSA  
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