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Solids Separators

Trapzilla Solids Separators (TSS)

Centralised Incidental Food Solids Separation

On a larger scale, the Solids Separator (TSS) can collect all sizes of incidental solids and is designed to do so in a central location. The unit can be used independently, or with the Trapzilla grease interceptor.

It is always installed upstream of the grease interceptor and is available in a variety of options to suit your establishment’s requirements.

Basic Models

TSS-27 – TSS-70 – TSS-95Basic Models of Trapzilla Solids Separator

The basic Trapzilla Solids Separator models are installed with a standard adapter ring with a 22” diameter solid top collar. Depending on your establishments requirements you can choose the TSS-27, TSS-70 or the TSS-95. The TSS-27 has a standard outlet of 3”, a solids capacity of 86L (27G) and a flow rate of 2.21 l/s (35 GPM).

It also has the option of a 4” outlet. The TSS-70 has an outlet of 4” and a flow rate of 4.73 l/s (75 GPM), it is able to retain 265L (70G) of solids. The largest Solids Separator model is the TSS-95 that has a flow rate of 9.46l/s (150 GPM) and a solid retention capacity of 359L (95G).


In-Ground ModelsIn Ground Trapzilla In-ground modelsIn Ground Trapzilla In-ground models

Similar to the Grease Interceptor, the Solids Separator In-Ground models are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. They include extension collars designed for installations under the ground. Regardless of the installation point the extension collar will fit any size of solids separator.



Above-Ground ModelsAbove Ground Trapzilla Solid SeparatorAbove Ground Trapzilla Solid Separator

If the Solids Separator requires an above ground installation then this model is a suitable option. It is supplied with a standard adapter ring with a 22” diameter solid top cover. It includes a Support Stand Assembly for a floor installation.

Depending on the size of the model there are two support stands, one for the TSS-27 and a larger one for the TSS-70 and TSS-95.



How does a Trapzilla Solids Separator worHow trapzilla solid separator worksk?

In a similar system to a grease interceptor, the solids separator is constructed of durable, rotationally moulded polyethylene, with a compact, yet space efficient design. Solid-laden drain water from the kitchen flow enters through the inlet baffle, slowed and forced downward into a vertical baffle.

Solids are filtered out of the flow and sink to the bottom of the solids storage area. The remaining “cleaned” effluent flows through the outlet. Additionally, pumping the separator is simple due to the easy to remove cover.

Solids separators can be installed above-ground or in-ground depending on the site.



How do I know if I need a Solids Separator?

Solids Separators can be used in a variety of circumstances. In combination with Trapzilla Grease Interceptors, prior to Big Dipper grease removal devices or even in isolated situations where there is a need for large quantities of solids to be removed from kitchen wastewater.

Although most grease interceptors are fully capable of removing FOG from kitchen effluent, they struggle to manage solids with the same efficiency. Therefore, in circumstances where large quantities of solids are frequently entering the kitchen drains, it is in the establishment’s best interests to install a Trapzilla Solids Separator.

Point Source Incidental Food Solids Separation Options

To separate and collect solids such as rice, coleslaw and other food scraps (larger than 3.175 mm) in point source drain flows, the Flat Strainer (FS-1) is an ideal choice. It is designed to replace food disposal systems and can be easily emptied into the food waste without clogging up the grease trap.

There are also additional products such as the inline strainer, external strainer and FilterShield. Please ask one of our sales team for more information on these products. You can call the office on 01386 832205 or visit our contact page.

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