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Service & Emptying

Trapzilla Service & Maintenance

Contact Aqua Mundus for Servicing & Maintenance of your Trapzilla system, call 08465 440 630 for a quote, or contact us.

Aqua Mundus can provide routine maintenance and servicing of your Trapzilla units throughout the UK.

Automatic Sensors & Telemetry
Utilising the latest sensors & technology we can automatically level sensor your Trapzilla Solids or Grease interceptor and be notified when it is 80% full, allow for us to arrange an empty of the unit before it reaches 100%.

The below document will assist with determining current levels of the grease & solids in a Trapzilla Grease Interceptor and how to empty the unit.

Trapzilla Service & Maintenance

Need assistance or have a question? Call the experts 24 hours sales and service 01386 832205