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Sample Port

What is a sample port and why might I need one?

A sample port is a unit that can be installed to gather and test effluent wastewater. Local authorities are increasingly insisting that establishments are able to test effluent on a regular basis. In order to do this an establishment would need a sample well or separate chamber downstream of the facility. This is often a large, but essential expense.

Trapzilla sample ports offer an affordable and accurate alternative to those larger sample wells. They are specifically designed for easy installation and can be fitted either indoor or outdoor on the wastewater drainage piping. If your facility has piping that is set specifically deep underground, then you have the option of adding on a field-modifiable extension collar.

To make this extension collar easy to cut and set, it features a telescoping design. Additional benefits for the Trapzilla sample ports are that they are small and lightweight, practical in that they can be easily carried through doorways and down commercial facility staircases for basement installations.

Although Thermaco recommends that a sample port is used alongside a Trapzilla, it can be used with any grease interceptor or oil/water separator on a 4-inch line. Furthermore, it can also be used on a site that does not require a grease interceptor but is still expected to meet a particular discharge standard.

Looking for optimal performance? To assist your efficiency when implementing the sample port you can now use the GSA-1 GrabSampler that is specifically designed to work with Trapzilla Sample Ports. It is designed to nest in the TZSP-40 or TZSP-48 and has a simple, adjustable jar carrier that can be used at any angle to gather samples.

Sample Port Use and Operation


This unit can be installed on existing lines using its patented flume to narrow and accelerate incoming flows, allowing horizontal sample filling access despite the lack of a substantial fall gradient. When in use with the TZSP-40, the GrabSampler lays nearly flat in the sample port. The TZSP-40 is also suitable for composite sampling applications.


This larger unit features an 8-inch fall to meet codes requiring vertical waterfall filling access. When sampling a TZSP-48, the GrabSampler sits vertically in the sample port. The flume narrows the flow path of incoming water, preventing the build-up of sediment in the inlet and accelerating the flow into the jar.

Grab Sampler for use with Sample Ports

GrabSampler may be used in conjunction with any sampling port. Simply place a 1 Litre Jar into the carrier which snugly holds the jar, set the carrier to the correct angle and tighten using a nut driver and the wing screw and lower into the sampling port using a paint stick (purchased separately).

  • Includes jar carrier assembly and standard threaded connection for Paint stick (purchased separately)

trapzilla sample port

inside of a trapzilla sample port

TZSP-48 trapzilla sample port




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